Wednesday, August 12, 2009

203 lbs and Losing

I have finally hit the 20 lbs lost mark. All thanks to the Lord for making my body feel so much better!

This is an exciting week for me on three levels. First, I've got a friend coming in from Long Beach, CA who has been planting a church there for around two years. We'll have the chance to compare notes about how the Lord is working in our respective mission fields and also to encourage each other in continued faithfulness. I'm really looking forward to that.

Secondly, Rick will be preaching while he's here. I can't wait to be encouraged by God's word as he opens it.

On a third level, this has afforded me the chance to do some different study this week. I'm thinking through many things related to getting a second worship site (eventual church plant) off the ground here in Vegas. God has introduced us to about three or four existing communities of people in whom He may be please to set the gospel loose to change many hearts. These communities would be the core of new church plants. I'll share more details in coming weeks as things get clearer.

I read a great article this week in Leadership magazine about decentralized leadership and idea forming withing different communities. The cases that were studied only solidified convictions to which I've been coming on my own about the kind of leadership that is needed with this generation of young adults. By God's grace I'll be up to the task of providing it. The missional communities that we're forming at CWR this fall will be the testing grounds for some of these principles. I'm thankful that Holy Spirit is actively working in spite of our ideas and convictions where they may be wrong.

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