Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teenage Girls

I spent an hour on Tuesday evening with some of the girls who gather at Laura Stremmel's house for study each week.

One thing to say: What an amazing group! As I was speaking to them about what the Bible teaches us concerning baptism their ability to interact and follow showed a rapidly growing grasp of the gospel on their part. Laura and Kellie Raih are doing an amazing job loving and instructing these girls!

The other thing that really struck me was how many of their friends they regularly pray for, not to mention the number of friends with whom they are sharing their faith and inviting to be part of this study. Their boldness and confidence in the face of relativists, atheist, evolutionists and otherwise apathetic friends shows how beautiful the gospel is for each of these young women. They love Jesus and want others to follow him as well. I'm sure that this group will be used by God to change the lives of many people to come.

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Me and Angie

Me and Angie
December 2010