Sunday, September 2, 2007

We're Not Dangerous...Really!

When we met the realtor to see the house we've decided to rent she was waiting for us outside in a sliver of shade remaining from the morning sun. She had her purse at her side, her hand in the purse, and her other hand holding a cell phone to her ear. She promptly hung up as we spilled out of the car and up to greet her.

An hour later we were at a nearby Taco Bell to fill out the lease agreement. Not long into our time together she reached into her purse to grab a pen, but first had to pull out her cell phone, some cosmetic accouterments and AN OPEN KNIFE. "O this," she chuckled as she softly closed the knife. "I had this out in case I needed it, but tossed it back into my purse when I realized that you were not dangerous."

I have to say that in the past several weeks we have seen several evidences that God is allowing us to connect with the people who call Vegas home. But knowing that people don't feel the need to stab us at first sight is the greatest encouragement thus far. May God continue to give us an open door for relationships with those we meet!

Moving day to our rental house was yesterday, sort of. We moved most of our sojourning gear by pick-up, but will not make the move completely until Wednesday morning when our hosts will return from Wales.

Shortly before we came to stay at our current abode to house-sit we learned that this is the regular meeting place of a community group of Spring Meadows Church here in Las Vegas. Spending the time each Sunday evening with the group has been a great joy. Our topic of discussion each week has been the text from the morning's sermon. I have learned much by means of the discussion every time we've gathered. Tonight there were two new families represented and our discussion seemed to be fruitful and encouraging to all. The text we discussed from this morning was Genesis 16.

There was so much to apply to our own lives as we looked at a man and a woman struggling to wait for the realization of God's promises. Waiting is part and parcel to each of our human experiences, and front and center to this stage of preparation for planting a church in North Las Vegas. As Abraham needed to continue to wait on God to fulfill his promise of an heir (a promise unique to Abraham), we wait for the Lord of the harvest to send out his workers (us in this case) into the harvest field. We are waiting for him to do this in his way in his might. That is difficult. We long to begin our work in earnest, to minister to our community in a more fully integrated manner, to see the gospel break into lives, families, and communities through our humble efforts and proclamation. Waiting is difficult. Pray that we will have the courage and the patience to see God do things in his time as we submit to the process of raising funds and completing the other preparatory items necessary to ministering in this context.

God has just surprised our family with another great blessing. I'm going to hold you in suspense, though, and will write about this on Tuesday, Lord willing.

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