Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Sick

I can't seem to kick this cold/upper respiratory thing. I've been sick since November 21. Just when I think I might be feeling better I struggle through the next day with minimal energy and sinus issues. Tonight is another tough night. I'm thinking a doctor's visit might finally be in my future.

Lot's of good things happening at City-Wide Redeemer these days. Several folks are continuing to take significant steps in the direction of their God-given purposes within His mission to redeem the world. I'll be sharing some specific stories soon.

My youngest son has a radio in his room now. It is my old alarm clock radio. The tuner is so bad that I was able to only get in four or five stations across the entire FM dial. He's thankful for it nonetheless. I told him he might enjoy listening to some Christmas music on the sleep timer for 20 minutes at bed time. He was thrilled.

When I went in to check on him ten minutes later I asked him how he was enjoying the radio. He said, "Dad, there was this news thing on just now and they said that some bad guys took a little girl's brother and that the police are trying to find the bad guys. Dad, I'm sad."

It struck me in that moment how emotionally stunted I am because of the sheer volume of bad news that crosses my path everyday through the different media outlets and personal contact with hurting people. It was hard for me to feel what he was feeling. His response was right. It is terribly sad, and once I sat for a moment with him I was able to enter into that appropriate sense of sorrow and need to ask our great God to do something wonderful for this young boy who is apparently missing.

I love learning practical theology from a four year-old. He's got lots to teach me!

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